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Writesonic review- Is it a Good AI writing? + [Tutorial]
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Writesonic review and Tutorial

Writesonic review

Today we are going to do Writesonic review along with its tutorial. The applications of AI are just beginning to be explored. Images of actual robots toiling away in factories, guiding automobiles, and even lending a helping hand in our homes are often conjured up when people think about artificial intelligence (AI). In any case, AI is already having an effect on humans in a variety of ways that go beyond the capabilities of Siri and Alexa.

If you are a writer who is under pressure to produce a large quantity of text in a short period of time, there are now clever tools available online that may provide assistance. Artificial intelligence is now being used to assist authors working in a variety of fields in completing their job more quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you need help writing social copy, web copy, a whole essay, or adverts; Writesonic is able to provide you speedy online assistance with any of these areas.

Let’s have a look at the Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons of using this programme to maximise the amount of writing you get done in a given amount of time.

What is Writesonic

Writesonic AI article writer features
Writesonic AI article writer features

As a writer who is assigned with numerous jobs, one of the most difficult things to do is breaking down a document that you have written into a small number of digestible paragraphs, such as a blog post. This is one of the things that may be considered one of the most difficult things to handle.

Some authors may want to make this endeavour as difficult as they possibly can by just creating long passages of text that are devoid of any meaningful context. The benefit of doing this is that you may make a significant dent in your writing in a short period of time, and at the same time, you are preventing yourself from squandering your valuable time by doing nothing.

Writesonic is able to assist you not only in coming up with ideas but also in arranging and structuring the ones you already have in the most effective way possible.

Writesonic is a copywriting tool driven by artificial intelligence that can produce original and compelling marketing text for any company in a matter of seconds. Writesonic can produce advertisements, blog entries, landing pages, product descriptions, and more using only a few lines of text that you provide.

Writesonic has received over 1,600 reviews, with an average rating of 4.8 stars across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. This is by far the Writesonic reviews highest rating in the category, and our user acquisition to this point has been entirely organic, occurring primarily through word of mouth and search engine optimization.

How Writesonic works?

Writesonic AI article writer
Writesonic AI article writer

After selecting a suitable format from the many available options provided by Writesonic at the start of a new project, you will be able to immediately begin typing down your first thoughts. Landing pages, copy templates, article templates, ad templates, and many more types of templates are all available.

Following this, the AI system will build an outline using either your thoughts or a generalised brief description. After you have created your outline, you may instruct the programme to produce a more detailed copy for you to work from.

If the first copy isn’t to your liking, you may keep trying different things by pressing the regeneration button until you discover something that satisfies you. You also have the option, while you are working inside the programme, to make any changes to the copy that you want before launching it or downloading it. Put a stop to large, unbroken walls of text once and for all, regardless of how much space your article or copy needs to take up.

Features of the Writesonic

Writesonic feature AI Article writer 3.0
Writesonic feature AI Article writer 3.0

This piece of software comes equipped with more than forty distinct kinds of copy for your use. Let’s take a look at a few of the more important ones.

Content for a website

You will have the ability to design landing pages, headers, and SEO meta descriptions with the help of this tool.

Digital advertisements copy

This section contains add text for LinkedIn advertisements, Google advertisements, and Facebook advertisements. In the near future, users will also be able to produce text for advertisements on Twitter and Instagram.

Copy for an Article or Blog

Utilizing the AI article writer is a lightning-fast approach to produce blog post ideas, introductions, and outlines. You might also reword what has been stated before you or elaborate upon what has already been written. The content rephraser will produce up to three distinct voices from the same piece of previously produced text. In addition to that, this function will check the readability of the text and rectify any grammatical errors.

eCommerce Copy

Would you be interested in promoting your items on Amazon or posting reviews about them there? The E-commerce Copy function was developed with you in mind specifically. Writesonic is available for use on this page, and it may be used to produce product names, product descriptions, product features, and sponsored adverts. This tool will assist you in composing sales emails in addition to the aforementioned benefits.

Copywriting Methods and Procedures

Writesonic features
Writesonic features

You may be confident that the AI is intelligent enough to launch traditional copywriting formulae even if you were working on formal copywriting or composing pieces more in the journalistic vein. You have the option of using the AI tool to produce a copy that is written in either the AIDA or the Pain-Agitate-Solution model as you are writing.

You may also use this programme to generate press releases, as well as personal or corporate biographies for yourself or others. Are you a startup business, or do you want to become one in the near future? Writesonic can even assist you in thinking up business start-up and expansion ideas.

Costs and Payment Structures

Users have access to a variety of reasonably priced and adaptable plan options with Writesonic. You have the choice of using the free trial, signing up for a monthly subscription that is tailored to your requirements, or using the pay-as-you-go service.

Writesonic Pricing
Writesonic Pricing

You have the option of beginning with a free trial of Writesonic if you are unsure if it will be beneficial for you or your business. The free trial is offered in 25 different languages and includes with all of the features that have been described. Nevertheless, only one person may enjoy the free trial at a time.

It’s possible that bloggers, freelance writers, and students may discover that the Basic plan is just what they need. This plan costs just $15 per month and includes all of the same features that are included in the free trial version of the service.

Freelancers working professionally may pay $45 per month to get an infinite number of credits. On this plan, you get access to all of the app’s features; however, you are restricted to using the app on a single device.

There are two options for coverage that are offered to commercial enterprises.

The Startup plan has a monthly fee of $95 that may be paid by startups and other small enterprises. This subscription also includes all of the features, limitless credits, and the capacity to accommodate up to two users simultaneously. The addition of priority assistance is another way in which this approach is improved. Users on the Startup plan will soon have the ability to make use of Shopify browser extensions and apps in the not too distant future.

The Agency plan, which allows for a maximum of four users, is the biggest option currently offered. For $195 per month, companies and agencies may access all of the offered capabilities, including the option to make a bespoke feature request. In the not too distant future, white labelling will also be made accessible under the agency plan.

You don’t have to sign up for a monthly membership if you don’t anticipate making extensive use of this tool, despite the fact that you like the capabilities it offers. Simply take use of the PAYG (Pay as you go) function.

The benefits and drawbacks of using Writesonic

The benefits and drawbacks of using Writesonic
Writesonic review- The benefits and drawbacks of using Writesonic


Let’s begin by examining the positive aspects. To begin, there is no initial cost involved. Second, it is really simple to put into use. Third, you are given unrestricted access to all of the writing tools included inside it. Fourth, the procedure of putting in your material is quite easy to do. Last but not least, after just a few days of using it, you will noticeably improve your level of organisation.

The fact that the free trial provides access to the full set of functions is one of the trial’s many advantages. To ensure that you have a solid comprehension of the software’s operation before you commit financial resources to purchasing it.

Individual plans, such as the basic and freelancer plans, continue to be available at prices that are quite reasonable. If you are a freelance writer who brings in a respectable monthly revenue, the $45 cost will rapidly pay for itself, even if you have to pay it upfront.

The pay-as-you-go function is a really great addition to the service. It is highly tempting to sign up for anything right immediately given the abundance of online applications and productivity software that is now accessible. Many of the applications that I install on my computer with the intention of using them wind up gathering digital cobwebs instead. If you believe that you will not use Writesonic very often but would still want to have access to it, you may just pay for what you use on an as-needed basis. It would be helpful if a greater number of applications had this function.

Even if you sign up for a recurring monthly payment plan, you will not be required to sign any legally binding documents. You are able to cancel your subscription at any moment you want.


Although a free trial is offered, it only allows a single person at a time to use the software. Therefore, it may be challenging for agencies and enterprises of a medium size to try it out for free.

At this time, the startup plan and the agency plan both only support a limited number of user accounts. Even if they are just a small or a medium-sized business, some firms may need the services of a large number of writers. Consequently, it is possible that selecting a plan that only includes two or four open user seats may not be sufficient for certain firms.

Who may Benefit from Using Writesonic?

As was just said, Writesonic offers membership levels that are suitable for both individuals and businesses. There is no doubt that a busy freelance writer will be able to make use of many of the functions that are made accessible by the programme. You may use Writesonic if you are a freelance writer who composes long-form articles, short blog entries, or social copy. On the other hand, a freelancer who does not bring in a lot of work probably does not need it just yet.

This programme enables advertising agencies to create site content, marketing emails, and social advertising campaigns for any social media tool that is currently on the market. Additionally, it offers assistance while generating content for YouTube. With the help of this writing helper, you will be able to meet more stringent turnaround times, which is beneficial if you own an agency that serves several customers. Keep in mind that while the startup and agency memberships only come with two to four user seats available, businesses may need to give careful consideration as to who gets to utilise those user seats in their organisation.

E-commerce Having the opportunity to swiftly generate product descriptions for social media and Amazon is definitely something that companies should take advantage of.

It will be possible for marketing teams to produce a large quantity of copywriting articles. Writing copy may be a time- and energy-consuming endeavour. At the very least, this writing aid will assist in making the output that is involved more efficient.

Are There Opportunities to Access Educational Resources?

Writesonic does not assume that everyone will immediately be able to perform at their peak level. The application has a very straightforward user interface, making it extremely simple to use. The makers, on the other hand, have assembled a pretty beautiful resource website that includes user instructions for all of the capabilities of their product. You may have peace of mind knowing that once you sign up for the programme, you will have access to all of the features and will be able to master them all.

There is also a link for you to join a Facebook group where you may interact with other people and ask them questions. Writesonic review is positive.

Writesonic tutorial

Steps for Creating a project in Writesonic
Creating a project in Writesonic

Everything from headlines to Facebook ads to essays may be written with the assistance of Writesonic’s AI. In addition to that, the programme said that it used a tried-and-true copywriting methodology for its AI-generated advertising hooks. Additionally, it is capable of writing full articles.

How to Get Started Utilizing WriteSonic

Step 1- Write the topic on which article is to be written on writesonic

You need to begin by putting together a project. The next step is to choose a format, then provide a title and some keywords. You also have the option of adding whole product descriptions or phrases if you feel that this would help you achieve your goals more effectively. Although this stage does not have to be too complicated, including keywords that are more specific may assist increase the quality of the end product.

Brief introduction

After we had reached a decision on the necessary essential phrases and words, it was time to choose a brief introduction. This was planned to be around 150 words. There is an option for you to have the AI do it. Having said that, it will set you back an additional credit. One advantage of doing this is that you will nearly immediately get the results of five different searches.

Title, Keywords, and Introduction

It was time to construct the end output once the title, keywords, and introduction had been established. This took just a few seconds to complete. The essay that was handed back was not very difficult to read and included reasonable sentence structure.

Finally click ‘Write an Article’

Step 4- Add or remove headlines and click on Write an article

Add or remove headlines and click on Write an article which is the fourth step and also the final step.

When compared with the work of a real writer, the quality of the text and its tone were noticeably missing. Emotions are almost non-existent when coming from an AI, and I did had to make a few tweaks by myself. However, there were some small instances of plagiarism, and around 25 percent of the piece required some minor modifications in order to get a passing grade.

Writesonic entire article creation

Writesonic is able to provide outcomes that are on par with or even of higher quality than those produced by certain hired copywriters themselves.

WriteSonic is capable of generating a wide variety of text in a matter of minutes. First, you will be prompted to enter a target subject, and then you will be asked to pick a few alternatives as the system guides you through the processes.

When you take into account how rapidly new material can be written, the pricing for content development are more than fair. It works well when time is of the essence or when there are impending due dates that must be met. You can also take advantage of the free trial that the firm provides in order to test out the functionality of the product and determine whether or not it is suitable for your needs.

After making the first investment in the programme, you will have the opportunity to get extra credits by enrolling in a subscription plan. Additionally, there are a few other ways to get free credits. Even for everyday usage, I found that Writesonic provided a sufficient number of credits to meet all of my requirements. However, the price was fair and easy on the wallet in the event that I need more purchases.

The material that is generated by Writesonic may be used as a solid draught that you can then alter. Although it is simple to understand, you should probably polish it up and inspect it before distributing it. Both the English and Spanish versions of Writesonic were tested by me. In both instances, the findings of the readability test were satisfactory; nonetheless, I needed to clean up the final results.

If you assume that the subject matter is simple to cover, the quality of the writing is on par with what you would anticipate from a writer who charges between two and three cents per word.

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Ease of Operation

Writesonic AI writer- A Unique content creator

To use this tool, you will need to make selections and follow the on-screen directions. It is like having someone hold your hand during the whole procedure. The instruction of others in the usage of this application is also a very simple process. To provide a brief summary will take no more than a second or two of your time.

After you have set up your first project, you will have access to over 40 different templates from which you may develop AI content using the credits you have available.

Some of the templates that are along with WriteSonic

A Wide Range of Different Types of Content

There are a number of different choices available, despite the fact that the majority of users take use of the software’s capacity to produce whole articles. You might, for instance, instruct it to just produce an introduction or compose a Facebook advertising on your behalf.

In my experience, the performance of these more compact tools is noticeably superior than that of the AI article writer. In a nutshell, the programme works far better with smaller quantities of copies than it does with bigger ones.

If you are looking for a writing prompt, the idea generators are a wonderful resource. Simply said, the programme generates a number of different possibilities for you to choose from or modify depending on a subject or search word that you provide. It’s a time-saver that comes in useful when you’re having problems coming up with ideas for articles.

Is WriteSonic A Useful Instrument For Writing?

Writesonic is a handy tool that you may use for organising the stuff that you have written. After spending a considerable amount of time working with the programme and experimenting with the several functions it provides, I can say that it lived up to my expectations.

I used the AI-generated material for the headlines on my landing pages as well as the titles of my videos on YouTube. In addition, I gave it a thorough test drive with regard to the creation of blog introductions and outlines, as well as a complete post. Surprisingly good, all things considered, with just a few inconsequential problems cropping up along the way.

Ease of Need: The user interface was a little bit cumbersome and might use some improvements. My workflow was hindered by a few minutes as a result of the fact that some aspects were not entirely obvious.

Its capabilities include the generation of material for articles, blogs, social media, websites, and a great deal more besides.

Customer Care: Although I did not need to speak with a customer service representative directly, the instructional and troubleshooting sections that were available on their website were incredibly well done.

Value for Money Writesonic is less expensive than a number of other content generating AIs, and regardless of how you cut the pricing, the programme is quite reasonably priced.

Largely clear of instances of plagiarism. Based on the results of my tests, the text did not seem to contain any instances of plagiarism. However, the more time was spent on the assignment, the more findings of plagiarism were produced.

Final thoughts

Writesonic review- AI Assistant for Writing
Writesonic review

You will have an understanding of how much effort and time can go into each article, regardless of whether you work as a freelance writer or for an agency that recruits authors. When you have a lot of stuff to deal with, it might be stressful. Therefore, it is convenient to have an AI writing helper that is accessible to organisations as well as independent writers.

I cannot believe how much more intelligent and useful artificial intelligence has become over the last several years.

Writesonic is a really helpful application that also has a well organised user interface. During the time that the stool was available for a free trial, I tested it out, and the signup process and getting started were pretty simple. After your email address has been verified, you will instantly be able to access to your profile page and start contributing to the site. You have access to all of the tools regardless of whether you want to write content for an article, social media, or a product description. Writesonic review is very nice in all of these types of content creations.

One of the many things that is wonderful about this tool is that if you are a writer in a certain niche, you can simply begin to move over to writing in an other specialty while using the services of Writesonic. This is just one of the many things that is fantastic about this tool. Despite the fact that I take pleasure in creating blog posts and articles, I can’t help but wonder what kind of advertising copy I may be capable of producing.

The function that allows you to connect with LinkedIn is something that especially interests me. I have every intention of putting the software’s ability to produce content snippets for my LinkedIn profile through its paces and seeing the results.

The cost of the programme is another compelling selling factor for the product. As was discussed previously, the separate plans are available at very reasonable prices. Membership payments are likely to be recouped in a short amount of time when considering the low cost of the basic plan ($15) and the professional freelancer plan ($45). There won’t be much of an impact from such memberships on your finances if you’re obtaining at least some freelancing job.

My primary criticism is directed on the user spots that are made accessible for corporations and government bodies. It is likely that a company or agency will want more than two or four user seats to be accessible, particularly if they generate a significant amount of written material. I’m guessing that if the agencies had some generic emails that they could use to enter into the programme, that would be one way to get over this obstacle. They may share an email address with a few distinct users at the same time. Overall Writesonic review is positive.

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The fact that the software company provides lessons on their website is another terrific feature in my view. The user interface is quite straightforward and simple to understand and use. Therefore, the inclusion of educational materials elevates the quality of this programme to a higher level.

I can’t wait to watch how this powerful artificial intelligence will continue to improve as a writing aid in the years to come. My only concern is that it could one day take the place of real authors.

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