The Best Article Generator Software for Website Content Creation (Unique content)

What is an automatic content/article generator

These are the tools that helps you to write your articles automatically like this: An automatic content editor Auto concierge Automated email marketing Blog builder Content creation service AiFi: An Auto Content Creator An Automatic Content Creator is one of the most popular tools that you should not be missing. It is currently a beta version, but after its launch, it will definitely become a leading tool for bloggers and people who want to earn some quick money. I will be talking about how to purchase AiFi and download it. But keep in mind that it is a beta version and I will not recommend you to download and install it on your primary website/website.

The three important components of automatic content generators are the editor, writer and generator. For a brief analysis, let’s consider a couple of these programs: Grammarly – The tool provides an editor which helps in editing and correcting the errors. The editor checks your writing over time to make sure that you are presenting it properly to the readers. The tool also provides you with feedback on the strengths and areas that needs improvement. Grammarly performs automatic proofreading to ensure that no errors are present in your writing. – This tool is made for free of cost to anyone who needs some help in writing. The tool helps you to write an article in their style. However, the grammar, style and punctuation checker must be activated.

How article generator helps you to unleash your content writing and earning potential

Usually, an individual publishes a number of articles and articles on several blogs, business websites, and e-zine websites to gain followership and improve his or her reputation among readers. However, this job becomes a lot more difficult when you are in need to write articles for business blogs and business websites, which might not be in your field or you have already written a number of articles for these type of websites. It becomes easy to write for your blog or business website when you have already written a few articles for the same website. But that is not the case with those bloggers and business websites, which you are not familiar with and do not know their regular guidelines, regulations, and laws regarding content writing.

Top 5 Online Auto Article Generator/content creator

1. – It is the ultimate auto site builder. Write and create a simple, attractive and engaging site from just one click. 2. Easy To Write – This online auto article generator also comes with a screen and is aimed for writing article related to the form of your choice and is something you can customize yourself. 3. ClickWork – Easily create auto articles for your website from basic layouts to creative, magazine style articles from a simple step-by-step guide. 4. Content Builder – It is well suited for beginners. Let you write with a few simple clicks, all of them will look as plain text. Create and edit posts in no time. 5. Autoreactive – The site is all about small articles and mini stories.

A free online platform that will help you to create amazing content. First, you need to log in to get access to all the information regarding the tool. The service is completely free and you can publish articles in many languages. It is an ideal way to increase your traffic and exposure. No registration required, so you don’t need to provide any information to get started.

Freepress Freepress is an online platform which has been launched with the mission of improving the relationship between the journalist, publications and the reader. The online tool can help you to create professional and quality content, which can help you to get more traffic and exposure for your articles.


Free Auto Style Generator, also called Word Ai tool is one of the best tool to create articles for your website. All you have to do is: Click on the desired topic The text generator will start writing the content using Word. Just hit the red dot on the keyboard to stop writing. Do not hesitate to take a first look at all its interesting features! Shareaholic Every website owner is looking to increase the number of website visitors. That’s why an article sharing website that gets huge traffic and readers’ share is a priority for most websites to upgrade their business strategy. In order to understand more about the great service which Shareaholic provides, please go through this great video: 2.

Spin Rewriter

This is an automated content writer tool that can create the content for your website. This tool does not have any adware and pop-up ads and it is light in weight and fast in performance. It also does not provide you with any security to prevent data theft. Top 5 Spin Rewriter Automated Content Writer Software Downloads – No Safe Place Automated content writer What is automatic content writer tool? An online website generator that helps to create an online articles in a short span of time, without any human error or pressure. This is a lightweight and easy to use article generator. Automated content writer is particularly designed for business website owners that want to retain their clients or customers.


Kafkai is the easiest to use on the top list of automatic article writing software. It is designed to deliver the perfect article each time, within 30 minutes. Creation time of the whole article largely varies from 1-30 minutes and there are a lot of options to help you choose your words and settings and choosing a style of writing, just click a button and enter your article.

Also with more than 100 different languages and 50 different custom languages, as well as a huge number of styles, syntax, styles, and languages you will have a good chance to provide your online audience with excellent writing on the top. PingMonster PingMonster is an exceptionally fast automatic article writing tool, which generates content with just a click.

It works well on limited niches, and not all. However, it’s increasing its niches and every week bringing 1-2 niches support.

FastLimited niches
Good for guest posting800-1200 words only
No editing requiredLess customizable

Content Maker

While making this list, we have tried to avoid all the downloadable software. So, I will not be discussing them in detail. However, those software does not provide templates and automatic content generation, they can still be good choices to help you with basic posting. Weeding Weeding, a content writing tool, can be a good choice to handle your blog post writing and overall website content. To make this tool work, it should have specific criteria, so you can narrow down what content you want to generate. Any content you put in this tool, can be easily edited or deleted. Weeding is one of the best choice to make you generate a specific content or specific topic. Wikipedia Template Wikipedia Template is another great option to generate topic specific articles based on Wikipedia.

Why you should use article generators

In this review, we have discussed 5 online article generators that can help you to write high-quality, well-written and organized content for your website and post regularly on your blogs and websites. Below Are the Top 5 Website Auto Article Generator or Content Creator to Write Articles for your website: 1. – Autosignature is also an open source platform. It is another platform that creates the content for your website and allows you to create your own content. You can write the article on your website at your convenience. The articles generated by the auto writer is pretty good and the quality of articles generated by this tool is very impressive. You can write at your own convenience, whenever and wherever you want.

There are many popular article generators like iWriter, Multipass, … These is basically a software which allows the users to write a piece of content. They have good quantity of the options to create content. However, there are many drawbacks of these tools which the users have been faced with. Some of the drawbacks of these tool: That the content can be categorized into many categories. That there are few available options to write the content No branding or style guide available to be followed It can be a real challenge for many of us to write great content, or to develop a style guide. Because of these factors, many of the tool decide to launch their content generator online and then offer paid services for those who want to write great content.

Also, remember that not all content writer tools or software are designed for every niches. Some may create good content for the architecture niche but not so good for Health Niches. Try each article generator tool and select the one which suits you.


In today’s fast-paced technological world, all of us are busy working or trying to build our digital portfolio. It may be a huge task for us to manage our time. In such a scenario, it is always a wise idea to use an Automatic Content Writing tool/software to manage the content writing work or the content writing time. It is much better to get your articles written by a professional writer for your site and then just click on Publish or Edit, so that you can go through it later. Most of the blogs/websites nowadays require the articles/articles in the form of slideshows. The process of generating articles for websites using an automatic content writing tool can be automated and therefore it can help you to save a lot of time.

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