Teji mandi app referral code is ‘0AeznYXQ’

To join Teji Mandi and get Rs 300 cashback, use the Teji Mandi app referral code 0AeznYXQ.

Teji mandi app was created with the intention of assisting and guiding retail investors along their investing journey. It continues to provide the same service by additionally providing you with an actively managed portfolio that has returns that are higher than those of the index while maintaining an affordable and straightforward pricing structure.

What is the Teji mandi app referral code?

Teji mandi app referral code is ‘0AeznYXQ‘.

Stock portfolio on Teji mandi
Stock portfolio on Teji mandi

Teji Mandi is a company that was created via the combination of finance and technology. It is a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services and is registered with SEBI. Its goal is to make investing in the stock market easier for ordinary investors by helping them in the form of advisory services delivered via an app. Teji mandi app provides stock portfolios and periodic rebalancing updates, including information on when certain stocks should be bought or sold.

How can I use the Teji mandi app referral code?

  • Download the Teji Mandi app by searching for it in the Play Store on your Android device or the Apple Store on your iOS device.
  • Launch the application and sign up for a new account.
  • Use a one-time password to verify your contact details.
  • provide your name and email address in the space provided.
  • Use Teji mandi app referral code 0AeznYXQ
  • (Please note that after joining up, you will be able to share your Teji mandi app referral code in the comments box below.)
  • Provide other information, such as your PAN number and household address, on the form.
Teji mandi referral
Teji mandi referral

You will be required to buy a subscription to the Teji Mandi app Flagship portfolio after registering for the service or creating a link with your broker.

The subscription may be for either three or six months and costs 597 or 894 rupees, respectively (use the Teji mandi app referral code, 0AeznYXQ to sign up and get Rs 300 cashback).

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You are not obligated to pay any other charges or fees other than the price of your Teji mandi app membership; this includes any expenses and fees.

Where can I find my Teji mandi app referral code, and how can I share it with other people?

To share the Teji mandi app referral code with others, all you need to do is to follow guidelines that we have provided in the following paragraphs. Just check to see that you are proceeding in the usual manner and following the directions. To get started, users need to:

Click on gift icon on Teji mandi referral code
Click on the gift icon to get the Teji mandi referral code
  • Launch the Teji Mandi application that’s installed on your mobile device.
  • Simply click on the Gift icon at this point, on the home screen that can be found at the very top right of the screen.
  • After that, you will be shown a ‘Invite now’ button or ‘copy’ the referral code, and all you have to do is choose either of them.
  • By clicking on the Invite now option, a share dialog box will appear.

After you have done so, you are free to share the link with anybody you want, and if they join up using your link, you will be eligible for a referral bonus. You are free to share the link with whomever you like.

This is the process that must be followed to send the Teji mandi app referral code to anybody else. You may take advantage of the reward of earning Rs 300 on each referral, which will also provide you with further benefits if you bring in more people.


When you join the Teji mandi app, you have the opportunity to get a welcome bonus by entering the referral code 0AeznYXQ into the appropriate field. Getting the bonus for joining up is not too difficult at all. Simply download the Teji Mandi app on your device, and when you are required to do so, use the Teji Mandi referral code 0AeznYXQ. This will allow you to create an account. The process of signing up for the service is the only time the referral code can be put into the system.

Teji mandi app referral code

Teji mandi app referral code is ‘0AeznYXQ’. Use the code and get Rs 400 cashback

Teji mandi smallcase promo code

Teji mandi promo code is ‘0AeznYXQ’. Use the code and get Rs 400 cashback

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