(5 in 1) Online Marketing & Sales Software

(5 in 1) Best Online Marketing & Sales Software

Get access to business-critical applications like form creation, email marketing, billing, automation and much more in one single package

The platform offers five different software.

Subscription billing software

The first software is a subscription billing software so if you want to sell anything on a recurring basis to your customers you can choose this subscription billing software and sell anything on a recurring basis.

Email Marketing software (100x cheaper)

The really fantastic email marketing software and if you really want to send emails to your customers or subscribers you can use the software. 

The amazing thing about this email marketing software is that you can send emails directly through their delivery engines and you also have the flexibility to connect any external SMTP service provider like Amazon SES, SendGrid or mailgun for sending emails.

Email marketing software to grow your business and not your bills

The Best Email Marketing Service provider + SMTP

Pabbly email marketing software is really affordable. It is at least three times cheaper than any other email marketing software in the market. 

The amazing thing about Pabbly is that it gives you excellent deliverability which means if you send any of your emails it has a very good chance that your emails are going to get into the inbox.

The sender score of all the IPS that they use for sending their customers email is more than 95 plus.

Now 95 plus sender score is actually given by the companies who are really expert in managing email marketing for other companies

When it is giving you all the IPS then you can be assured that they will be 95 plus in reputation which means you will be getting excellent deliverability with Pabbly.

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The amazing thing about Pabbly software is the flexibility that it provides, so if you are not happy with their delivery engine they also allow you to connect to any other delivery engine of your choice

You can send emails via Amazon SES, your own custom SMTP you can send by a Mandrill, mailgun or any other provider that you want to use.

Another great thing about Pabbly is that it allows you to capture spam and bounces from sending email through any SMTP. So if you see different people they keep on switching their email service provider in the hopes of getting better opens. 

One day they are using Aweber another day MailChimp just in the hope that they might get a better open rate. The bad thing is that no one company can give you the best open rate all the times

The IP scores keep on falling up and down depending upon different people’s reputation and all those kinds of things; generally happens with any email service provider. 

So what this software gives us the flexibility that if one service provider is not giving you the best results you do not need to switch your email list from one service provider to another because when you switch the list you also have to switch the unsubscribers, bounces and all those kind of things and then it becomes so clumsy, it’s so hard to do all the migration shifting and everything. 

With this platform you do not need to shift your subscribers and everything like that anywhere else.

You just have to upload your email list once and then if you’re not happy with one service provider you can immediately switch the credential to a different service provider and the entire data and emails will be sent to a different delivery engine which you are using earlier.

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Creating an email is pretty simple in Pabbly. You can just write the subject line and you can drag and drop some of the things which you want and then ready to go.

Pabbly Email Marketing Features-

  • Includes an SMTP from their end. So if you want to send emails directly you can do that 
  • They give you flexibility to connect external SMTP service provider like you do like you can connect Amazon SES and other 
  • It offers a list cleaning service. This means you can clean your email list before sending the mails and this is one of the functionality where they do not charge you any extra amount. 
  • It offers lots and lots of different type of automation, the drip automation is one of those types of automation where you can automatically deliver mails on your preset schedule to engage with your subscribers 
  • Drag & drop email builder– Quickly Create emails with in-built email builder
  • Manage your email list– Easily manage all your subscribers at one place. 
  • 2X Open Rate- It claims that you definitely get up to 2X open rate. The way they do that is they have built certain features which can actually enhance your open rate 
  • Rescheduled automatic follow-ups to the people who are not opening your email for the first time. So when you send your emails you might get a certain open rate at the first time but that email automatically goes again to the subscriber who has not opened your email for the first time. 

It means if you’re getting a 30 percent open rate you can still get an extra 20 percent open rate just by resending the very same email to the same set of audience who have not opened your email for the first time.

  • Lead capture system- offer their web subscription form that you can use to enhance your lead capture 
  • Email tracking- track your email clicks, opens etc.
  • Autoresponders- Automatically send welcome email when a new subscriber joins your email list.
  • Smtp routing- Send your emails via multiple SMTPs to achieve best inbox deliverability and even A/B test between smtps to see which one is giving you the best open rates.
  • Splitting-  you can actually split your email sending between two to three different SMTP. Send emails to three different pipelines or three different SMTP providers in real-time. so that is one thing which is really amazing about Pabbly

It also handles bounces and spam complaints about all those SMTP so this means if your email is bouncing to one SMTP, it just captures that email and stores it in their server so that when you send another email through the same SMTP or to any other SMTP of your choice that bounced email will no longer be sent again through a different SMTP service provider.

  1. Form Builder Software

If you want to capture any kind of leads, data, submissions or just about anything you want to sell like a school admission form.

You can quickly create an online form, embed it on your website or you can share the form directly with your audience and start to collect leads data submissions immediately.

  1. Email Verification software

This verification software allows you to clean your email list just in case if you want to remove any kind of bounces or anything else from your website.

The really amazing thing about this e-mail verification software is that you can completely remove all the bounced emails that are going to come when you are going to send an email. 

So if you verify your email list or clean your email list your deliverability is excellent, whether you are using any email service provider, if your email list is cleaned it means you’re only sending to people who really matter and you are avoiding all the bounces spam traps and all those kinds of things. 

This means you get enhanced deliverability for your email sending.

  1. Pabbly Connect

It lets you integrate all the apps which you use for your business and let them communicate with each other. 


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