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EasyWP vs Bluehost- Best Hosting of 2022 Compared
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EasyWP vs Bluehost- Best Hosting of 2022 Compared

Easywp VS Bluehost: The Expert’s Choice in 2021

Are you confused with Easywp and Bluehost? And looking for which is better? If you are reading this, then I am assuming that your answer is yes.

OK! Don’t worry, just go through the article, and you can easily decide that EasyWP or BlueHost?

EasyWP vs Bluehost comparison

15 Questions that arises while choosing hosting platform esecially when competetion is between top two hostings

EasyWP vs Bluehost

We will be looking at the following parameters for EasyWP and Bluehost

  • Speed
  • Security – Which Is More Safe and Secure?
  • Which is better for WooCommarce
  • Who is More Customer Supportive
  • Web Hosting Review
  • Load Time
  • Pricing
  • Which Is Easy To Use For Beginner
  • Migration Process – Free or Paid Extra?
  • Bluehost VS EasyWP Reviews
  • Extra Exclusive Feature of EasyWP And BlueHost
  • The Popularity Of Both WebHosting.
  • Server Locations
  • Daily Backup
  • Final Summary -Conclusion.

At a glance – EasyWP vs Bluehost 2020

Rating System

Great -Good – Medium – Not satisfied. 

In 2020  

Customer SupportGreatGreat
Loading TimeGreatGood
Migration ChargeGoodGood
Up TimeGreatGood
Free Domain for 1 yearGreatGood
Free Daily BackupGoodGood
Server LocationsGoodGood
Final Score9.5/10 ⭐7/10
EasyWP vs Bluehost

As you can see, none of these two services is too bad in any features and ‘Not Satisfied’ cannot be seen in either of them. These two are the best website Hosting in 2021.

Easywp vs Bluehost vs GoDaddy vs WP Engine vs Kinsta
Easywp vs Bluehost vs GoDaddy vs WP Engine vs Kinsta

One can not say Bluehost is a bad hosting but also there isn’t any reason to choose Bluehost over EasyWP both in terms of Price and Quality of Services EasyWP provides.

If you are just starting and want to choose a cheaper hosting that too with Free one month trial then go for EasyWP

– Check the latest offers from EasyWP here

Visit EasyWP, and compare prices of their plans.

Visit Bluehost, and compare prices of different plans

EasyWP vs Bluehost speed

You know that today page speed is the most important SEO factor. And also, users prefer those pages that load fast. If your page is slow, then it is too challenging to rank your site. So always be alert of your page speed.

Both hosting providers are useful as the basis of the speed tests. But EasyWP has more speed than BlueHost. The average speed of Bluehost is 2.60 secs, but the EasyWP provides speed within 1.4 secs. 

Both are better, but in the comparison of speed, EasyWP certainly beat Bluehost with the same page.

Champ: EasyWP

Security – Which is More Safe and Secure?

Now the question is, Which is safer and secure EasyWP vs BlueHost? Let’s check 

EasyWP Security Features

  • InBuilt Software
  • EasyWP Develops the Anti-Bot system, which prevents malicious traffic.
  • The unique monitoring system of EasyWP checks the status of the server every half second (0.5secs)
  • EasyWP also uses Artificial Intelligence to save your site from malicious traffics.

BlueHost Security

  • ThirdParty Software – Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare protects the customer’s site from DDoS attacks.
  • They also prevent spam attacks/
  • Password protection -Two factors authentication
  • Cloudflare also provides excellent Security and speed up your site
  • Some times you need to add on for more features with extra charges.

Conclusion – Both Hosting are alert about the security of the customer’s site. But EasyWP is also best comparatively because they use inbuilt software and the latest technology.

EasyWP vs Bluehost for WooCommerce

Now a separate hosting is given to set up an e-commerce store. BlueHost and EasyWP both give their customers a specialized E-commerce site.


  • EasyWP does’t provide specialized woo-commerce hosting plans. Customers can quickly build their e-commerce store with the woo-commerce plugin with EasyWP’s other features in the specific Woo-commerce projects.
  • You can also get secure WooCommerce transfers. And it’s free of cost.


  • BlueHost also offers e-commerce hosting plans. Here you can automatically build an e-commerce site using woocommerce plugin.
  • You get one free domain for one year with these plans
  • Safe & Secure online payments
  • Though their charges for various hosting plans are different. In that case, the prices are approximately the same for the e-commerce store compared to EasyWP. 

Remarks – Both hosting provider’s prices are the same(approximately). But BlueHost gives a one-year free domain. But for EasyWP other features like Security, speed I prefer more for EasyWP in that case as both are approximately the same.

  1. Who Is More Customer SupportiveEasyWP vs Bluehost.

Customer Support is another point for us. It describes how the company is dedicated to solving its customer’s problems. 

EasyWP and Bluehost provide fast and reliable customer support, but EasyWP is quicker to solve their problems.

  • They are always fast and helpful (24*7available) to support us. Their supporting system is channelized into many parts.
    • Instant Self Help – Smart AI ChatBot
    • Instant Chat Help
    • HelpDesk Tickets
    • They also provide Phone Support

When I was facing problems with CSS issues on my website, money-back helped prices diagnose and fix my site’s problem through amazing instant chat support on April 24. See the below images of their support.

  • BlueHost also has a good chat support team. They offer Chat Support, and also they provide you phone support to call anytime between 10 am to 10 pm.

But the response of the EasyWP support team is much quicker than BlueHost supporting the team.

Out of 85 total tests, 59 got the worst result F (that’s about 69% that did definitely not pass). The top result of a Top Tier awarded plan was EasyWP by Namecheap in the entry-level category by Servebolt

Remarks – EasyWP is a better response than BlueHost comparatively.

EasyWP vs Bluehost web hosting review

EasyWP has excellent web hosting reviews. In their official site, they show their reviews. Day by day their customer satisfaction is increasing, and it is now up to 99.7% happiness rate (according to their data)

Their fantastic support, uptime, speed, Security makes customers feel good.

BlueHost review is a mixed review. But their popularity is declined some more for 3years. I can’t find the data of reports by real customers in BlueHost official sites. But whatever EasyWP gives more satisfaction to their customer comparatively any other web hostings.

EasyWP vs Bluehost Pricing

Pricing is a personal point of view. But if you are conscious about your site, then don’t go for cheap hosting. If you pay a bit extra, you get more features with Security and spend less; you get fewer features. But in the case of EasyWP, being cheaper hosting it provides more features than Bluehost.

Generally, Bluehost’s price is a bit higher. Their shared hosting plans :

  • EasyWP Starter: In the start-up plans, you can get hosting for one website and 50000 visits monthly and many more with 1st Month FREE. Price -$28.28yearly
  • EasyWP Turbo: You get Unlimited websites with SSL and 200k visitors/month and speed-boosting caching and many more features at $55.48/year.
  • EasyWP Supersonic: Hosting gives you unlimited websites with 100 GB SSD storage and five lakhs visitors monthly.

Price is $0 for the first month then the price becomes $2.35 per month*.

And the price of BlueHost shared hosting is-

  • Basic – In this plan, you get one website and some more features like free SSL, 50 GB SSD storage, etc. Price is cheaper than EasyWP hosting plans, but also you get fewer features. The price is $7.99 ( renewal price) 
  • Plus – In these plans, you get unlimited websites and unlimited SSD storage, free SSL for all the websites, Spam Experts, and 1 Microsoft 365 mailbox – free 30days.
  • Choices Plans: It is recommended plans by BlueHost. In this plan, you get extra domain privacy + protection and site backup code guard basic. Price – $14.99/month
  • Pro: It is the highest plan for BlueHost Shared hosting plans. You get all the features of the above plans and get dedicated IP and high performance, 2 spam experts. Price – $23.99(renewal price)

Conclusion – The truth EasyWP price is higher than Bluehost. So pricing matters EasyWP is the winner. But here are some things beyond low and high prices.

Let’s be honest about what offers EasyWP and what features give us that are balanced. The choice is yours what you choose, but the fact is EasyWP prices are high similarly, their service is also more satisfying.

  1. Which Is Easy To Use For Beginner – EasyWP vs Bluehost?
  • Here is the question of beginning friendliness. As a beginner, when you start here, you can get domain registration free for one year with both BlueHost and EasyWP.
  • Also EasyWP provide privacy protection, domain transfer where Bluehost gives domain privacy with only the Choice Plan($14.99) and Pro plans.
  • If any problems, EasyWP and BlueHost both provide support teams to fix your problems.

Remarks- Both are goods and have easy use of the system. But if you pick up a winner, then I think EasyWP is more straightforward.

Migration process – Free or Paid extra?

It is puzzling when you want to migrate your site from one to another host, especially for beginners.

That’s why EasyWP creates an easy process to migrate your site for free of cost with their hosting plans.

  • EasyWP

There are no issues with moving the site absolutely to their web hosting. It is super and straightforward to get. I have additionally checked what they said. What’s more, indeed, it is so natural to move your site to the EasyWP. 

To begin with, you have to present a migrator module on the site you have to move. A short time later, you get a token from your EasyWP Site Tools. At that point, put the symbolic keys in that module. The Migrator will relocate the entirety of your substance safely. 

For a superior understanding, here is the screen capture of the migrator module. Furthermore, the best is that it is free with EasyWP hosting plans.

  • BlueHost

It is disappointing that Bluehost costs extra charges to migrate a website to another hosting. And also, I think it is so high – For $149.99, you can migrate up to five sites.

Winner  – EasyWP

Customers get free migration with hosting plans using an easy to use migrator plugin.

11. Extra exclusive feature of EasyWP

Some exclusive features that you can get from EasyWP vs BlueHost.

  • With EasyWP, your WordPress website is powered by our very own cloud technology, giving you that “set-and-forget” experience. This unique infrastructure is designed to let each and every website live and grow, without hiccups.
  • Free CDN

I have likewise seen it. Presently I am not utilizing Cloudflare CDN administration or any storing module, even the speed of my site is incredible. 

Indeed, your guess is correct. I am utilizing EasyWP CDN. In the beneath, check the picture of the seed of my webpage using website ground web facilitating in the Google page speed insights. That implies my speed is quicker because of the hosting like EasyWP.

EasyWP Staging Tool

It is also a suitable apparatus that lets you make and see changes to the site without losing its past forms. It is the tool to review new formats, structures, and new codes. It permits you to make a backup copy of the site in a different spot with only a click. With the help of the tool, I have tried my site’s look on various occasions with no concern about losing information.

12. Multiple server locations

EasyWP has multiple server locations but where BlueHost has lesser than EasyWP

EasyWP offers an advanced green-accommodation framework to help their clients. 

EasyWP gives you different server areas. You can also choose your location from one of them as indicated by understanding most of your visitors’ country on the site. 

The entirety of the information servers of EasyWP facilitating offers high accessibility, low inertness, and dependability, and all the information systems are green cordial. EasyWPhas a CDN connection with 194 areas universally. 

Like me, most of my users are from the United States. That is the reason I pick the server area according to my audience. That assists in improving my site.

13. The Popularity of both Web Hosting

Here is the interest rate day by day of these two web hosting companies. Google trends data shows that Bluehost is more popular than EasyWP hostings globally. The given data is the period for five years.

But it gives an idea. Bluehost has an average of 77 where EasyWP has 29. (average is for 5years)

The popularity of both companies has passed away through ups and downs. Bluehost is more prevalent in the world. But also one point – popularity does not indicate which is better.  It just gives an idea.

Remarks – In this case, Bluehost beat the EasyWP basis of popularity.

  1. Daily Backup- Paid Extra or Free?

It is an essential point when you are going to choose a web hosting for your site.

EasyWP DailyBackup

EasyWP offers its customers daily backup free with their hosting plans. There is no requirement to pay any additional fees or hidden fees for backup when using the EasyWP web host.

The backup of the website is essential as your site may be hacked unconsciously, or all the information was unknowingly deleted. So daily backup can able to save all of the data even if it is cut or lost.

5 Best High Data Cloud Storage services Providers

When you need to restore any files, click on the backup tool icon in your cPanel and create a backup file for your site for safety.

Under the backup manager section, you find the backup tool icon in your cPanel.To restore, click on that icon.

BlueHost Daily Backup

The approach of Bluehost is not so refreshing. Bluehost uses third-party code guard tools for backup, and they just offer an add-on (at $3 extra a month) for the two lower plans – and this daily backup is included with the higher plans. They even appear to have eliminated the cPanel characteristic to create backups manually, that’s unacceptable for me.

Clear All of Your Doubts at a Glance – EasyWP vs BlueHost

It is my promise to clear all of your doubts about Bluehost and the EasyWP. SO check all of the points to clarify your minds better to make a proper decision about your hosting.

Do EasyWP and Bluehost Offer Free Trial?

EasyWP offers a free trial of one month, but they have a money-back guarantee within 30 days. So after purchasing you have some issues or problems, you can claim money back, and it is risk-free.

The same is for Bluehost. Currently, free trial plans are not available. But they also give 30days money-back guarantee if you have any problems you can claim it.

What Does EasyWP do to Speed Up Your Website?

EasyWP has an in-build catcher plugin, which improves site speed. They have more than one server locations so you can choose according to your audience overviews. They also use quick protocol on their server, which speeds up your site even when you have poor internet.

What Payment Methods do Bluehost and EasyWP Accept?

EasyWP accepts various payment methods when you are going to purchase their plans.

  • Via -Master Card, 
  • Via – Visa, 
  • Via – American Express.
  • Paypal methods – though it is not in their payment method, you can use it. To use simply contact their sales departments through live chat options. For more, go through the article.

Bluehost also has many payment options available-

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Check (money order)[ must be in US funds and hosting terms for 12 months or longer]
  • American Express
  • Master Cards
  • Visa

How Long Does The Account Activation Take for EasyWP?

EasyWP takes not more time. They usually activate immediately or within some minutes. They officially said that for shared server: Immediately – cloud server: up to a minute.

How Does EasyWP Protect You from hackers?

EasyWP uses in-built software and uses the anti-bot systems to protect malicious traffic.WordPress is automatically updated. And also, they check real-time servers & have a 24/7 support team to support you.

Even though good Security also makes sure that you backup daily to daily using daily backup free.

Are EasyWP vs Bluehost Servers PCI Compliant?

PCI is an abbreviation for the Payment Card Industry. The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a safety initiative created to provide provider carriers and retailers a unified strategy toward safeguarding savings cardholder statistics for all sorts of deposit cards, stopping savings card fraud, cracking, and a variety of different safety threats and vulnerabilities.

Which Hosting is Better for Ranking Higher in Google?

The answer is there is no hosting that can fulfill this wish. If you use good Web Hosting, you get SSL, Good Speedy site that improves your website and boosts your ranks in google. This question is inappropriate because there is no individual hosting, which increases your positions.

I have also checked some low hosting sites top in SERP ( search engine result page) and even some good hosting like BlueHost, EasyWP, Hostinger sites struggling to rank in google, Hope you get answers. 

Which EasyWP Plan is Best For You?

If you want to set up your site using WordPress, you can go for WordPress shared hosting. There are three levels for choosing the best plan. If you have the aim to set up an e-commerce store, then select the specific WooCommerce plans of EasyWP.

  1. If you are new and have only one website, then go for StartUp plans.
  2. If you have multiple sites, it is best to buy GrowBig plans where you get a lot of features and manage 25000 visitors monthly. 
  3. If you are an expert and you have a good number of traffics on your websites, then definitely go for GoGeek Plans.
  • When your site has impressive traffic, then absolutely choose cloud hosting.

Which Bluehost plan is Best?

If you want to go with Bluehost, I recommend that the Basic plan for one website and Plus plans for unlimited sites. And if you think about choice plans for $14.99 ( after the first month), then I recommend you think before you act. Basic and the Plus plans are best for BlueHost hostings.

Why does Everyone Promote Bluehost?

I can’t give any comments on these points. But don’t listen to what others say without any proven facts. So just be aware. It is the truth that BlueHost and EasyWP are both excellent. Sometimes EasyWP is better on some points; similarly, it is the same for Bluehost.

What do People have against Bluehost?

This question is also baseless. You need to check the facts and features of their plans. Bluehost is much cheaper than EasyWP. So if you can afford EasyWP plans then definitely you can go for it. But if your budget is low, then Bluehost is right for you. The best thing about Bluehost is you get a free domain for one year.

Does EasyWP charge monthly?

EasyWP offers monthly payments with their only cloud hosting services, where the minimum price is $80 monthly.

Get Domain & Hosting at one place with Namecheap!

Is EasyWP or Bluehost Faster?

EasyWP has 2x faster than Bluehost web hosting. They provide multiple server locations and use google cloud platforms. So their speed is better than Bluehost.

Which One Is Better for WooCommerce Sites?

EasyWP and Bluehost are both set up specialized plans for e-commerce. Both plans are good, check what is budget-friendly for you. One thing you get free migration, other features with EasyWP hosting plans what I have covered already in above.

Is Bluehost the Best?

I can’t say that it is best, but BlueHost web hosting is good comparatively others.

Final Conclusion of EasyWP vs Bluehost- Summarised

Yes, Bluehost and EasyWP are both excellent. But as a comparatively EasyWP is a better alternative than BlueHost concerning speed, uptime, Quick Support, and more advanced options.

I hope you get all the points that I exactly want you to say. Now, EasyWP web hosts have become one of the best web hosting companies in this hosting industry. So that’s why I switched to the EasyWP web host. 

I will explain all things why I decided to move the EasyWP. EasyWP is more budget-friendly than Bluehost. So you are looking for a cheap host then absolutely go for Bluehost plans; otherwise, it is recommended to switch your website to EasyWP.

Some FAQs 

Is EasyWP any good?

Yes, EasyWP has many useful features that you get free of cost with their hosting plans like FREE SSL, FREE Daily BackUp, Multiple Server Locations, FREE Migrations, Free CDN, 99.99% uptime guarantee, etc.

Is EasyWP or Bluehost cheaper?

The answer is simple. EasyWP is cheaper than Bluehost. The price of entry plans starts at $7.99 monthly (regular), where EasyWP entry plans start at $3.35. So EasyWP is cheap and more affordable.

How do you switch from Bluehost to EasyWP?

EasyWP provides free migration to migrate any host to their hosting. So don’t worry about switching. After purchasing any web host plans of EasyWP, confirm your current service provider and the number of sites you’d like to move to. This will assist them to figure out what kind of migration they will be working with. And their team supports you in migrating your site free of cost.

Check price- EasyWP

Want to know more? Ask in comment and we will try to give answer within 1hr.

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