5 Top & Best Online Teaching Platforms

In the ever-changing technology-centric environment, online teaching has become an essential part of education in many regions of the world. The increasing demands of people to obtain knowledge and skills are a driving factor in this trend, with people becoming more demanding on the knowledge and skills that they get at their jobs. 

With online teaching, the process of acquiring knowledge and skills can be achieved in the comfort of the student’s home or office.

However, the benefits of online teaching may not be well appreciated in some sectors. Some teachers may be worried that it may have a negative impact on the quality of education and in the process, they may even feel it may be harmful to the students and therefore they may not use such platforms effectively.

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However, for the teachers who use this platform to enhance their teaching skills, they will realize that it is not only a platform that helps them to teach effectively. The use of online teaching platforms will also help them in increasing their own knowledge and skills.

Education isn’t limited to the classroom. In fact, it is one of the most important parts of life. A student needs to learn from others in the same way that he learns from the teacher. Thus, it is vital to learn more about the platforms available to enhance the quality of education.

Forms of Online Teaching

Online teaching platforms are available in the form of e-books and software programs. These platforms help a teacher to teach through a combination of interactive discussion forums, interactive email chats, etc. These platforms help the teacher to present his knowledge in an interactive way that will allow him to interact with students, get feedback from them and present his views to the audience.

There are various types of online teaching platforms that a teacher can choose from depending on his need. However, it is important to understand that while some of these platforms may be beneficial in some aspects, they may not necessarily be useful in all aspects. In some cases, it may even lead to a situation where the teacher will feel that he is not being supported effectively in teaching and therefore he may feel it is not benefiting the students.

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However, the use of these platforms can still be considered beneficial. The use of these platforms can help a teacher to have better communication with his students and thus he can communicate with them in a more effective manner. This will make the learning process more interactive, stimulating and help a teacher to be a more effective teacher. This is really significant, since one of the most significant aspects of learning is the relationship between teacher and student.

This is one of the reasons why it is very important for a teacher to choose the best platform available to use in this regard. In addition, it is important to understand that there are different types of teaching platforms. available and one needs to understand which platform will be better for him in order to help him to enhance the quality of his teaching.

There are some interactive platforms that a teacher can choose from. These platforms are more suitable for students who are very much interactive and have a lot of curiosity. These platforms are very helpful and effective in terms of teaching.

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An interactive platform will also help a teacher to present his knowledge in a more interactive and interesting way that will help him to interact with his students and make them comfortable. The teacher can present his views in a fun way and can help to communicate with them in a more effective manner. Thus, the teacher can increase the effectiveness of his teaching.

List of 5 top & best teaching Platforms:


It offers 4 different plans. The first is free and still gives 100% to their core features.

As the course grows, you can scale to their essential plan which is $49/month. The upper plan offers more features but not necessary to get started and begin making money with your course. 

It requires you to have some existing audiences but they do have their free plan so if you don’t have any audience at all, make that free plan and do some social media marketing, talk to your friends and slowly develop marketing campaigns. It is slow bringing students in but you are not owing anything and still have access to some core functions.


Podia is great for experienced teachers who already have existing students. Since it is a premium platform, it doesn’t offer a free version and the starting plan costs $39/ month. 

The base plan includes Online courses, Digital downloads, Email marketing, Zero transaction fees, Unlimited everything required for teaching and 24/7 support.

Now this platform is expensive but very good. Both Teachable and Podia base plan charges are the same that is $39 but there is no 5% transactional fee in Podia. But Podia has little less function than Teachable.


Teachable is one of the very popular platforms and used by many Teachers or Creators. It is pretty similar to podia and more premium. However the pricing structure is a little bit different.

It offers 3 different plans basic ($39), Professional ($99), Business ($499). In terms of features, a basic teachable account allows you to launch a drip campaign which will release content over a period of time which is very good. It allows you to create quizzes. Monthly payouts, Product support, Custom domain support are some of the features but there is 5% transactional charge too.

The landing page is customizable which allows you to create very professional looking online courses. It also allows you to purchase and link a custom domain with their basic plan which looks very good. It looks like your own website, your custom domain, your branding.

It requires the creators and teachers to have their own audience or students and who can pay the price. If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.


Those teachers who have no audience or students. Udemy is the platform for you. It is used by a handful of creators. It’s like youtube but for online paid courses. I recommend using it for those who have no past experience of Online courses.

So if you want to create an account and begin your first online course with Udemy, they have tools that help you through it. They will review your course, give you tips and suggestions. Also they have a huge online community of teachers and creators who can help you out. 

It’s great for someone who has never used online teaching platforms and has no students too. 

It works similar to Youtube, when you create your course with Udemy then depending on the success of your course, how many students you have enrolled, how your reviews are, it will rank higher in search results. 

So if you create an awesome course and it does well, which people want to watch and learn about then your crawl results will higher in ranking and gain you more and more interactions over time.

One downside of Udemy is that you lose control of your pricing. Although you can create and customize the price of your course, Udemy offers discounts and deals all the time and that’s how they gain lots of their business.

In pricing, it’s completely free for creators. Its excellent option for someone who wants to build their audience and once they build that they can shift to other Premium platforms.


It’s another platform that’s perfect for beginners because they do offer free options that do come with great features like drip campaigns and offering promo code.

Downside of free Coursecraft is that they are going to charge $9 for transaction fee and also cap your course for upto 100 students. 

But that’s not a problem because once you reach that threshold, you will have gained enough money to easily upgrade to premium plans. You have to scale your course and scale plans as the course gets growing and you are starting to make more money.

Also the upper plan will lower your transaction fee and comes with additional features like custom branding, forms and quizzes.

It is a great platform who is a small creator and does not have many audiences. They can take advantage of their free plan. You are not making money so you have something to start for free, if it becomes successful you would have earned money to go for upper plans. If not then you have nothing to lose. Also, it is growing rapidly.

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