6 Best & Trusted Bitcoin trading platforms


What is Cryptocurrency?

The Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies is the digital or practical currency that uses cryptography for protection.

Because of the safety element, the cryptocurrency is difficult to fake. Some cryptocurrencies are decentralised networks, a distributed ledger imposed by a different computer system, utilising blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency’s distinguishing attribute, and arguably its greatest appeal, is its vital world; it is not operated by any central entity, making it potentially immune to intrusion or exploitation by anyone.

First Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, came into existence in 2008. At that time, apart from a select few developers, nobody took any particular interest in Bitcoin. In order to make transactions more secure, Bitcoin used strong cryptographic encryption, made the identities of the users pseudo-anonymous and made use of the ‘Blockchain’ technology.

Present condition of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin investment turned out in 2017 to be a moneymaker. Most people will remember this for what it is. What’s essential from a geek perspective is the blockchain technology behind any cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a stable, distributed way for information to be stored. In a chain that establishes a self-managed structure, nodes (referred to as blocks) are linked to one another.

Since several blocks need to validate any transaction, there is hardly any possibility of erasing or changing what has been done through the blockchain. That’s why the technology is used for confidential details on healthcare or financial transactions, and 90% of major banks in North America and Europe are looking to incorporate it in their solutions. For the entire financial sector, this seems like a massive opportunity.

Are you also interested in trying to learn to invest and want to get a good profit from the fast-growing cryptocurrency market, but you are confused where to start from, though learning to trade takes a lot of time both technically and fundamentally to study the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, one of the issues is the number of altcoin and ICO tokens listed on the market, with more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies and digital tokens now accessible. For everyone investing in Crypto, it would be difficult ‘How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?’


Platforms where Investing in Bitcoin & cryptocurrency is Easy and Highly secured

Lets have a look:

  1. Binance

Binance is an exchange of cryptocurrencies that offers a place for trading different cryptocurrencies. Binance was the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume as of January 2018.

2. Trezor

Trezor is quicker than the competition, enables multiple cryptocurrencies and uses complex authentication protocols based on hardware to prevent fraud.

3. Bitfinex

Bitfinex provides top-tier liquidity order books, enabling users to quickly trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and many other digital currencies.

4. Cex.io

CEX.IO is the trading platform for Bitcoin that combines the key features: increased security, a variety of options and high liquidity in the market. To make your trading on the platform as easy and as safe as possible, the team makes every effort.

6. Local Bitcoins

LocalBitcoins is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland-based and is peer to peer bitcoin marketplace. Its service makes it easier to exchange local currency for Bitcoins over-the-counter. Users post ads on the website, stating exchange rates and payment methods for the purchase or sale of bitcoins.

6. Ledger Wallet

At Ledger Live, with their partner Coinify, you can purchase Bitcoin directly. The programme provides you with details about bitcoin rates. You may purchase your Bitcoin via credit card or bank transfer, and it will be sent to your hardware wallet and encrypted automatically via Coinify.

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