5 Reasons why to always use a VPN

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1. A VPN service can protect the Internet connection of your employees with a heavy-duty encryption layer. If you and your teamwork remotely or take regular business trips and use untrusted networks, that is particularly true. Reading your emails at a coffee shop or logging into Facebook at an airport using your phone’s Wi-Fi will potentially put you at risk, so it is important to encrypt your communications.

2. When the colleagues go on frequent trips abroad, they need to be able to access all the same websites and resources that they normally use. However, in one way or another, several countries limit locally accessible Internet content. You are connected to a server in your home country by a VPN service, so your IP address will look like you are in that country at present, although you might actually be thousands of miles away.

3. The spread of modern online crime suggests that at any step you have to be careful. For your online activities, financial transfers, etc., a VPN service offers an extra layer of encryption. In addition, bear in mind that not all VPNs have the same characteristics. Look for one that provides reliable security protocols and has additional security options, such as malware or botnet blocking, such as NordVPN or PureVPN.

4. If you own a coffee shop or another organisation where it is a smart idea to give your customers free Wi-Fi, controlling the network’s security is important. Setting up a VPN to protect your router and encrypt the online activities of your customers is the best way to do so. Although this option is not offered by all VPN providers, NordVPN has a guide on how to configure a VPN on your router and even provides its own branded routers.

5. Based on where you are located, many websites and services display different results. For example, the interface and search results of Google vary not only depending on the country but even on the precise location. A VPN service allows you to mask your IP address and substitute it so that you can appear to be surfing from another location. This helps you make sure that any location-based services you use are running properly.



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