5-Best-High-Data-Cloud-Storage-service PROVIDERS FOR CLOUD COMPUTING

5 Best High Data Cloud Storage services Providers

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage you get an option to store and manage your data online on warehouses also known as data centres. The server forms these data centres work as a virtual Locker to help you store and manage the data. Here you need to pay a certain amount to avail these services or it may be free up to a small limit. There is a number of these online cloud storage services.

Data centre or server form is a massive collection of computer servers maintained by different organizations. Here these organizations work 24/7 to supply of server functionality far beyond the capacity of your single machine. So when we are talking about cloud storage you would also be interested to know about other important aspects of cloud storage these aspects include redundancy security and maintenance with multiple data centres across locations.

Since the arrival of the internet, the technology business has been steadily running out from local hardware storage devices to distant, server-based memory and processing—what is called the cloud. See music and pictures: We accustomed to moving them from local media, but today they’re streamed from hosts. By holding your personal documents and media files in the cloud, you will gain similar rewards of anywhere-access and sharing. Productivity increases and reduced local memory requirements have more benefits. We’ve rounded up the greatest cloud store and file-sharing and file-syncing companies to assist you to determine which exist good for you.

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The cloud is growing into a common way for businesses to keep data without purchasing tons of data servers to hold that data. According to the 2017 Right scale survey study, 95% of companies surveyed are utilizing cloud technology in some manner. Corporations are working 79% of workloads in the cloud. Cloud technology is good for businesses because it provides employees flexibility where and when they work, increases cooperation with personnel who get off-site and allows corporations to change that its budget. One good thing which is usually not mentioned is that cloud computing will help the organization get green and reduce their carbon footprint.

The selection of cloud storage varies on factors such as the amount of storage, Price considerations, Usage (personal or business), etc.

So here we are going to consider all parameters and come towards best overall services:

Best free cloud storage services

Nearly all cloud service providers have free as well as paid plans but here we are going to know about which among them provides high storage in their free plan

  1. MEGA

MEGA is a service offered by Mega Limited for online storage and file hosting. Mega offers services for Windows, Mac , and Linux platforms.

Mega Features:

  • MEGA provides 50 GB FREE storage (Yes you read it right, it’s 50 GB for free)
  • Files and chats are encrypted by the keys you control
  • With MEGA’s end-to – end encrypted chat, you can exchange messages, share your files and make audio / video calls
  • End-to-end encrypted for business which takes the security to next level
  • Easy automated synchronisation between your computer and your MEGA Cloud.
  • Automatically backup images and videos with Camera Uploads from your mobile device and sync your computer data with MEGA’s Desktop App.
  • MEGA maintains historical versions of your files automatically, allowing you to easily revert your files as needed

MEGA download link: https://mega.nz/aff=IPNkB1in710

2. Yandex Disk

Yandex. Disk is a Dropbox or Google Drive-like online storage service designed to store all the content you want for free, using any Internet-connected computer, so that you can share videos , music, movies and documents with your friends and family.

Yandex Disk Features

  • Allow auto-upload on your phone and all your images will be stored in their original resolution by Yandex Disk
  • To view and edit your files as easily as files on your hard drive, migrate all your files to Yandex. Disk
  • Free access to Microsoft Office Online: Without installing them on your computer, use Word , Excel and PowerPoint in your browser
  • Send small links to files up to 50 GB in size that can then be accessed, downloaded and saved by recipients to their own Yandex. Disk

Download link: https://disk.yandex.com/

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a service developed by Google for file storage and synchronization. Google Drive, which was released on April 24, 2012, enables users to store files on their servers, sync files across devices, and share files.

  • Offers 15 GB free data storage
  • It comes with access to Google Docs, Google Sheets and Slides
  • For extra storage, you have to upgrade to Google One which starts from $1.99 or £1.59 a month for 100GB of data

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/

4. IDrive

IDrive, Inc. is a technology company that specialises in software for data storage. Its flagship product is IDrive, a Windows , Mac , Linux, iOS and Android user-accessible online backup service.

  • Offers 10 GB storage in their free plan
  • In real time, all your files and directories will be synchronised across all the devices you connect to using IDrive
  • For easy collaboration, share your synced files via email with associates.
  • Use a user-defined key to access and store your files with 256-bit AES encryption that is not stored anywhere on the servers
  • Even when there is no internet connection, use the ‘Offline View’ option from your mobile devices to view your files
  • IDrive lets the company fulfil the HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and SEC / FINRA enforcement mandates

Download link: https://www.idrive.com/

5. pCloud

The safe cloud storage is pCloud, where all your files can be saved, exchanged and worked on. On any laptop, wherever you go, you can access them!

  • Offers 10 GB in their free plan
  • Send, receive, and work on any file together with your friends
  • In order to facilitate the work with other platforms, pCloud is creating different plugins
  • When information is transferred from your computer to the pCloud servers, pCloud uses TLS / SSL encryption

Download link: https://partner.pcloud.com/r/36640


How does cloud storage work?

Cloud storage is offered as a service and complete set massive data centres across locations to provide online cloud storage services to users around the world. Once you move any of your files to these cloud servers it is copied across multiple data servers, thus your data is saved as multiple copies at different data centre locations for easy and safe access. Here you can directly access this data anywhere anytime across multiple devices as it offers a sync option that makes the work easy. When you need to work across devices with large screens you can even send a link of this document online to share your work with others.

What are the benefits of cloud storage?

It reduces to need to carry physical devices to store your data it also reduces the need for buying and managing expensive data storage device.

It offers syncing features to help you access data anytime any way across devices with large teams

A special security mechanism is followed here to keep your data safe from various threats


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